Get the Best Results at the Hair Salon

Your hair is the accessory you never take off. Over 17 years working behind the chair I have compiled the biggest things that I believe make for a successful hair appointment. Some of these may not be super obvious to someone going into a hair appointment. Others may seem obvious but not always executed correctly.

Be prepared

This may seem like a no brainer but so many clients come in with no idea what they want. We as hair stylist book a certain amount of time for your service and your consultation is part of that time. When you go into the salon and need to look at every hair book, scroll through Pinterest, and talk about every style you have had in the past you are sabotaging your appointment.

My best advice it to have pictures ready. Know what you like and what you definitely don’t like. I’m not saying you can’t have more then one idea to present. I’m just saying have an idea. We are not mind readers. We can tell you what style we would like on you but that doesn’t mean that style is for you. You have to live with it not us.

Be attached to nothing and open to anything

So I know this sound totally opposite of what I just explained but it’s important. We have been trained to not only do hair but to read people. We can tell when you come in with long blonde hair and have it in a bun everyday and say “I’m so sick of this I want a mahogany red bob with a full bang.” Except 9 times out of 10 you are going to be cursing us out at home 3 days later.

Consultations are super important. You may feel like your stylist is asking you a lot of questions and repeating herself but that is to make sure you guys are on the same page. If you never blow dry or style your hair and bring in a picture with a full bang and perfect beach waves your stylist will talk to you about the work and commitment it will take to sustain a style like that.

When I say be open to anything and attached to nothing I mean listen to what the professional is telling you. Give it serious consideration and if you still insist on the red bob then we will do it. But your not allowed to be mad 3 days later.

Honesty is the best policy

During your consultation your stylist is going to ask you some questions. What is your usual hair routine? Do you blow dry, iron or do you wash and wear? What kind of color history do you have going on? Have you had your hair lightened? Have you done your own hair out of a box at home? When’s the last time you had your hair done?

These questions are not to try to embarrass or shame you. We literally need to know in order to give you the best result. Especially when it comes to color you really need to tell the truth. These are serious chemicals we are working with and they can have less then stellar outcomes if we don’t know the canvas we are starting with. If you want your hair to be perfect you have to be honest.

Styling at home

Does this sound familiar? You leave the salon feeling great, looking great. You love your new style and are getting hundreds of compliments on it. You wash it the next day and go to style it and it looks nothing like when your stylist did it. What the hell?

Well remember when you were sitting in the chair and your stylist was telling you what she was using on you for product and why? Did you watch the way she blew out your look? Did you ask questions about her technique?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. We as stylist don’t try to push product on you just to make money. We want you to be able to recreate your look at home. You are a walking advertisement for us so we want you to be pleased. Not just when you leave but between visits too. If you aren’t using what your stylist is using or something equivalent, it is going to be really difficult to recreate the same results.

Over the counter will never measure up

If I had a dollar for every time a client asked me what they should buy at the drugstore for hair product I would be a very wealthy woman. My answer is always the same. “Nothing!”

Picture your drugstore aisles with the hundreds of shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids. Now think of the bottles they are in, the magazine ads and the television commercials. Pretty fancy right? Now think of the product shelf at your local salon. Basic bottles with not many frills, never a television ad and rarely ever seen in magazines. The big difference is the money is going toward the content inside the bottle not the advertisements and packaging. Over the counter products have nowhere near the vitamins, minerals and proteins that a professional product has. If an over the counter drugstore product is making your hair feel good, it’s because it is coating it with waxes and silicones not nourishing it with the good stuff.

This also goes for when you see a professional product on a drugstore shelf. These product are not guaranteed unless sold in a reputable salon. They could be counterfeit, expired, tampered with or stolen and resold. I have looked into a lot of the product on these shelf’s and have been dumbfounded. A lot of the time they are actually selling it for more money then salons. Instead of supporting this please just buy from your local salon and support your stylist.

Don’t get a style to please someone else

“I would love to cut my hair but my husband/boyfriend would kill me!” This has probably become my biggest pet peeve over the years. Who’s hair is it again? Who has to take care of it? Who has to walk around with it ever day?

Please, please, please stop keeping a style you hate for someone else. This is a big reason I think you see woman chop their hair off after a break up. If the man your with really loves you he will love you with any hairstyle. Make yourself happy first.


We know trusting can be difficult when your going to someone new for the first time or considering a major change. We can feel your nervous energy. Even the most confident well trained stylist in the world can get rocked by a “Nervous Nelly” in their chair.

Just try to breath. Go in confident and trust that your stylist has got you. Odds are you have done some research, asked around to your friend or someone with good hair on the street who they go to. Trust the recommendations. Yes I have heard all about your bad experience with the last place you went and I’m sorry that happened to you. I’m not her, so give me some credit and let me prove it to you without the negative nervous vibe. It will make your outcome so much better.

It really is just hair, not world peace. Nobody is dying. Although we sometimes are sad to lose a client we realize the world and people are ever changing and we can’t be everything to everybody. We would love the chance to make you 100% happy every visit but if you find your not gelling with the person working on you it is absolutely your prerogative to see if another stylist can give you something we are not. You are all beautiful souls with any hair on your head.

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